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Hail and Storm Damage
June 28, 2020 GFadmin

Hail and Storm Damage

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Hail Damaged Roofs

Don’t Let a Simple Repair Turn Into an Expensive Nightmare

Get Roofed are hail damage repair experts with many years’ worth of experience dealing with Texas and Oklahoma weather and its aftermath. We can assist you with filing your insurance claim by providing you with a free estimate.

You have insurance monies available to you because of the damage created by the storm – this is why you have been paying premiums for years. Filing a claim will NOT cause your insurance rates to increase. Homeowner’s premiums are based upon the area you live in and the losses recorded in that area. Call your insurance provider or your local agent, and file a storm damage claim for your home and property.

Storm Damage and Insurance Claims

If you are concerned there is damage to your roof system, contact us and we will come out to determine how much damage has occured. Roofs are a dangerous place for most homeowners, so getting a Professional Roofing Inspector to complete an inspection is always recommended.

If your roof is determined to have un-repairable damage due to hail or wind, your Insurance company will need to verify the damage and approve a claim for replacement. We have been working with homeowners for years and we understand the process for excellence in roof replacement. Our Inspectors can help answer questions you may have during the process. If the Insurance company agrees that your damage is covered under your policy, you will receive an approval for replacement.

Storm Damage Prevention

Roof leaks can be caused by many different things. Storm damage from hail, tree damage from falling limbs, damage by people walking on your roof, old worn out shingles, cracked and sun damaged shingles…the list goes on and on. However, 90% of all roof leaks are caused by improper installation or by defective metal flashing. Rarely does the actual roofing product fail.

Flashing is found near any roof penetration area such as chimneys, walls, vent pipes, and as chimneys, walls, vent pipes, and valley areas where roof angles join together. During a roof repair, it is necessary to look for any other roof damage that could lead to additional problems. If leaks are not addressed, the structure of your home may be weakened as the building frame continues to be exposed to the elements.

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