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Why Should I Request an Inspection?
March 30, 2021 GFadmin

Why Should I Request an Inspection?

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Why Should I Request an Inspection?

Most of the time, your roof withstands wind, rain, and light hail without damage.  However, the only way to know for sure is to get a professional opinion.  That is why the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommends getting a free inspection after any type of major storm in your area.

Reasons to get the inspection.

Unless your home has experienced a catastrophic weather event, even in the event there is damage, there usually isn’t immediate water leakage into the home.  However, damage to your roof over time quite often does result in water leakage.  The problem is if left unchecked the homeowner is unaware of this until major damage has already occurred.

Keeping track of the health of your roofing system can be difficult for some homeowners, especially those who do not often go up to their roofs. That’s where our scheduled roofing inspections come in. Our multi-point roofing inspection is an important first step to any roof repair or replacement.

However, even before you notice any problems with your roof, it is important to have regularly scheduled roof inspections to stop damage in its early stages. Although it is great that you want to check on your roof, doing so yourself can result in injury and overlooked issues that can lead to more severe damage over time. Your roof inspection should be done by a professional roofing contractor or inspector because we have specialized knowledge, equipment, training and safety requirements to get the job done efficiently and properly. In today’s blog, we want to outline how our roof inspections work and what factors determine how often you need your roof inspected.

Do I Really Need a Roof Inspection?

Let’s keep this simple: YES! We know that many homeowners do not think about their roofs until a leak or problem starts. Don’t wait until there is an issue to get your roof looked at or you may face more serious and costly repairs. Remember that you may not even catch a leak in time to avoid damages to the structure of your home and its interior finishes. We can identify minor problems with your roofing system before they become major costly issues so that we can maximize the time in between any necessary roof repairs. Our regular roof inspections and maintenance will drastically reduce the likelihood of premature ageing, leaking, and other damage.

Over time your roof will be exposed to weather conditions that will gradually wear down the roofing materials. This means that sunlight, rain, snow, hail, strong wind, and temperature changes will eventually lead to a necessary roof replacement. However, with proper maintenance, inspection, and care, we can maximize the service life of your roof. If you are seeking roofing assistance in Texas or Oklahoma, Get Roofed USA is your best choice for a thorough roof inspection and repair. It is never a good idea to trust any roofing contractor who does not perform a full roofing inspection on your home before providing you with an estimate. An inspection provides our team with valuable information that will go into your quote and helps us avoid any surprises or sudden changes.