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Residential Roofing

Roof Repair

Are you having a problem with your roof? Roof leaks or perhaps some loose shingles? Is the damage more serious, such as damage from a fallen branch or tree? No matter how big or small your roofing problem is, the roof experts at Get Roofed can help.

Many residential roofing companies will only offer the option to install a “complete” new roof. At Get Roofed, we will do all that we can before recommending a completely new roof. Many times a roof can be repaired, rather than replaced in some cases of minor leaks or wind damage. Call and experience the integrity and quality of Get Roofed, the experts in residential roof repair.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is extremely important in protecting your home from outside elements. A leaking roof can easily cost thousands of dollars in damage if it’s not fixed properly. Leaks may not be the only reason to replace your roof. Fluctuations in your heating and cooling bills can be a sign of roof replacement. Roofs will pocket warm air in the winter and will push it out the warm air in the summer, to keep your home warm and cool. A damaged roof might cause big fluctuations.

Our team at Get Roofed will work together jointly to ensure the quality of workmanship for every install. Our residential roofing specialist will go over all the details of your roof and advise the next steps.

Preventive Maintenance

Your roof is one of the two most important investments in your home! A new roof is a big investment. Is your roof protected? Get Roofed can help answer that and other questions regarding preventive maintenance. At Get Roofed, we strongly believe and understand the importance of regularly scheduled roof maintenance. Some manufacturers warranties may require yearly inspections to help maintain the warranties. A standard roof inspection may not necessarily be on your mind, but it’s extremely important to preserve its lifetime. The best residential roofs materials are still subject to wear and tear.

The number one enemy to any roof is climate change. Throughout North Texas & Oklahoma, our weather is notorious for rapid changes throughout the year. During the winter, cold weather can mean dreaded ice storms relentlessly pounding your roof. Broken tree branches and the constant freezing and thawing may cause wear and tear to your shingles. During the summer, the extreme heat may cause your roof to fade, dry out, and become brittle.

There’s little you can do to protect your roof, that’s why Get Roofed recommends a yearly roof inspection and maintenance. A simple inspection can save you thousands in potential damage by extending the life of your roof, identifying and repairing minor problems before they become a huge investment.

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